We offer housing, and have a fixed number of boxes up for rent.

Our Concept!

We want to offer as high quality, services, and horse welfare to as reasonable prices as possible.

The daily rutines!

  • The horses are fed 3 times รก day.

  • The horses are turned out and inn every day.

  • The horses are turned out around 9.00

  • The horses are turned inn around 16.00

  • The horses are given hay twice a day.

  • The horses stand on wooden pellets in the boxes.

We have 2 opportunities:

DIY (Do it yourself):
You mug out your own box and give your horse hay. You can leave hay ib a bag on the box door that we will feed for the night.

All inclusive:
We do it all for you and your horse, exept the riding part.


DIY: 2300kr
DIY with own food: 2050kr

All inclusive: 3600kr
All inclusive with own food: 3250kr
Deposite: 1000kr

The prices are without hay. You are given space to store your hay witch you can either buy from us or bring along yourself.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

Jeff Paw Nielsen